The project “Un-conventional Constitution” will let youth confront in an original way with the Constitutions of Italy, the US, China, and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. They will identify the main features, implications and contradictions that characterize them, under the lens of specific issues and through an artistic and creative language. This will let youth understand the would they live in under a new light, building a process of European confront, not only on good practices, but also on the issues tackled within the project, translating their point of view on the territory they every day live in.


  • Develop and increase youth awareness on their condition of citizens, both Italians and Europeans, through a new approach to national identity in relation to the EU, and to the process of globalization and socio-economic interdependence;

  • A facilitated conscience of the use of media, technology and artistic languages, which are near youth, of the global and European citizenship and consequently to the right and duties connected;

  • Develop a new sensibility to the world, the cultures and to different policies that could encourage the active participation and the collaboration with local networks.


The projects addresses to all youngsters from 15 to 30 years old living in the Municipality of Vicenza or students of the high school in the city.

The work can be developed individually or in groups, for a maximum of 4 components.

The admission form will have to be filled in every part by 15/10/2012 and emailed to: unconventionalconstitution@gmail.com

The work will have to be sent by 21/01/2013 to unconventionalconstitution@gmail.com . If the dimensions of the file will exceed the ones permitted by the email account, a Dropbox account will be available contacting your tutor or the email.

The objective of the project is developing creativity of participants on specific issues so, there have not been provided any criteria on the artistic forms that can be used. For the criteria of evaluation, we refer to the specific paragraph in the regulations.

Issue areas:

The main issue areas which participants are asked to structure their work on are:

  1. Participation and democracy

    1. Parties and civil society organizations

    2. The concept of democracy

    3. Active and conscious citizenship

  2. Peace and human rights

    1. Fundamental rights and duties

    2. Peace and war

    3. Justice and legality

  3. Social integration

    1. Protection of minorities

    2. Gender equality

    3. Multiculturalism

  4. Welfare

    1. Education and research

    2. Employment and development

    3. Environment and culture

  5. Solidarity and volunteering

    1. Global citizenship

    2. Development cooperation

    3. Volunteering

Participants will be asked to elaborate their ideas through one of these issues. If, during the learning and research period, other areas will be identified, they could be used in agreement with the responsible of the project.

Evaluation criteria of the panel:

The works will be evaluated by a panel of members of associations and public institutions. The criteria for selection will be based on originality, the consistency with the issue chosen, the ability to identify the main characterizing elements of the topic, showing both analytical, critical and proactive capacity. The commission reserves to choose the best works on their artistic taste and the abilities shown during the elaboration of the work. For the evaluation of the visual works (photography, video, etc) or creative ones (dance, music, etc), there would be the need of accompanying it with a written essay of 500-800 words to explain the interpretation given to the issue chosen.

Any possible changes in this regulation will be communicated.

Prize: Winners will visit Strasbourg and the Maginot line!



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